About Sarah

The first piano Sarah ever touched was an old Heintzman in her parents’ kitchen under the tutelage of her dad–a blues pianist.  Since then she has wandered through life, falling in love with different pianos here and there.  A silver veneer, cigarette-burned grand in the corner practice room at McGill University; a Young Chang in a friend’s Toronto apartment–the felt always down; an epic Steinway at a neighbourhood church with the lights turned low so no one would remember she had a key.  Sometimes practicing too much, Sarah sustained an injury that steered her away from classical piano performance.  Eventually finding a path in composition, Sarah began to play again.  Today she plays and improvises for hours on end, only now her eyes are always closed.  Relying on sound and touch, Sarah seeks melodies that capture nature, real moments in time and the imagined lives of others.  Sarah’s solo piano compositions have found audiences around the world with over 30 million streams on Spotify.